At Sztuka restaurant we carefully prepare the dishes of Polish cuisine in its traditional way. You're welcome.



Appetizers & salads

Slim of bread with lard and pickled cucumber   9,99/2,3
Grilled highlander sheep cheese with cranberry   14,99/3,4
Herring in olive oil with onion   16,99/3,9
Variety of Polish meat   32,99/7,7
Beef tartare   32,99/7,7
Country salad, bouquet of salads with highlander sheep cheese, bacon and egg   29,99/7
Grilled chicken salad with vegetables and parsley vinaigrette   29,99/7


Traditional chicken broth with home made pasta   14,99/3,5
Traditional chicken broth with lamb-filled dumplings   16,99/3,9
Beetroot soup with egg   12,99/3
Beetroot soup with cream served with egg and potatoes   15,99/3,7
Beetroot soup with lamb-filled dumplings   16,99/3,9
Sorrel soup with egg   14,99/3,5
Kidney bean soup with potatoes and sausage   16,99/3,9
Mushroom soup with noodles   19,99/4,6
Traditional sour rye soup with white sausage, egg and potatoes   19,99/4,6
Freshwater fish soup   21,99/5,1

Dumplings and flour dishes

10 pieces boiled or fried served with onion or sour cream   zł/€
with cottage cheese and potato   19,99/4,6
with sheep cheese   19,99/4,6
with meat   19,99/4,6
with black pudding   19,99/4,6
Jewish dumplings (with liver)   19,99/4,6
with goose and apricot   24,99/5,8
with duck and apple   24,99/5,8
with strawberry and mascarpone (boiled only)   24,99/5,8
Mixed dumplings bowl 24 pieces ( with cottage cheese & potato, meat, Jewish dumplings)   35,99/8,3
Cheese noodles served with sugar and brown butter   3,4/14,99/
Apple pancakes with powdered suggar   3,7/15,99/
Potatoes noodles served in mushroom sauce   3,9/16,99/

Main dishes

Beef roulade with onion and bell pepper served with potatoes dumplings and horseradish beetroot   39,99/9,3
Chicken and vegetables shashlik served with roasted potatoes and set of salads   32,99/7,7
Chicken breast cutlet served with potatoes and cucumber salad   32,99/7,7
Devolay with potatoes and cucumber salad   34,99/8,1
Pork goulash served with potatoes dumplings and pickled cucumber   32,99/7,7
Pork fillet in a gravy served with potatoes dumplings and horseradish beetroot   32,99/7,7
Pork chop served with potatoes and fried cabbage   39,99/9,3
Ribs roasted in honey&wine served with roasted potatoes and fried cabbage   49,99/11,6
Roasted knuckle served with bread with horseradish and mustard   54,99/12,7
Lamb chops served with fried potatoes and bouquet of salad   69,99/16,2
Polish beef tenderloin 200 g   79,99/18,6
Polish beef tenderloin 300 g   99,99/23,2
sauces to choose from:    
with green pepper   4,99/1,6
with wild mushrooms on cream   6,99/1,6
Potatoes pancakes served with sour cream   22,99/5,3
Potatoes pancekes served with pork gulash and sour crem   32,99/7,7
Cabbage stew with meat and mushrooms served in bread   26,99/6,3
Fried trout served with potatoes and sauerkraut salad   36,99/8,6
Zander roasted in horseradish served with potatoes and boiled vegetables   42,99/10

Side dishes


Cucumber salad with creamy sauce   5,99/1,4
Sour cabbage   5,99/1,4
Set of salads   5,99/1,4
Pickled cucumber   5,99/1,4
Side salad with vinaigrette   8,99/2


Fried cabbage   6,99/1,6
Fried beetroots   6,99/1,6
Boiled vegetables   8,99/2,1
Boiled potatoes   5,99/1,4
Potatoes purée   6,99/1,6
Baked potatoes with herbs   7,99/1,9
French fries
Buckwheat   6,99/1,6

Desserts and ice cream

Gingerbread with plum jam, whipped cream and chocolate sauce   18,99/4,4
Cheesecake with raspberry coating and vanilla ice cream   19,99/4,6
Apple pie with powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream   19,99/4,6
Delicacies ice cream, walnuts, raisins, chocolate sauce   21,99/5,1
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries   22,99/5,3


Children's menu available


The restaurant is open:
Monday - Friday: 12.00 p.m - 10 p.m;
Saturday - Sunday: 11.00 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Every our dish is prepared from fresh products when ordered.
Due to this the waiting time is 25-30 minutes.

For menu with the grammage of dishes please ask the waiter.
Note! the dishes may contain traces of allergens: milk protein, eggs, cellery,
nuts, soy, seafood, gluten, fish, charlock ( mustard) seeame seeds).

Estimated price in € is quoted according to the exchange rate
1 € = 4,30 zł. Account will be charged in the local currency.

VAT included. Prices valid from 16.07.2020 r.
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